Minggu, 14 Februari 2016

A Perfect Time to Visit Bromo

Bromo Eruption
Bromo Eruption photo by Galih Jati
Bromo Volcano, located in the Tengger caldera in East Java, began to rumble and erupt in early December. Until today the plumes of ash rising up to more than three kilometers. The ashes fly away to more than 65 kilometers, mostly to the north west side. Airports nearby Bromo are likely to be affected by the eruptions especially Malang airport, but the Surabaya’s Juanda Airport is still safe from the ash fall. The Indonesian Centre for Volcanology and Disaster Hazard Mitigation stated high alert status for Bromo Volcano. It is forbidden for the visitors to come close to the danger zone 3 kilometers around the volcano. 

Volcano eruption looks scary and danger. But for the local people, known as Tengger Tribe, who live around the surrounding massif Tengger Caldera, will not go for evacuation until their religious Hindu leader the "Manku" says must leave. According to him Bromo God will do the activity for around six months, and then there will be big eruptions, but now it is still okay to stay. 

Most of the volcanic materials from Bromo eruptions are actually falls down inside the caldera. The ashes then forms a unique desert like around the caldera. Even though the high alert of the eruptions, the visitors can still go and traveling to Bromo. Actually, it is now is the best time to visit the volcano. You will see the rare situation of erupting volcano. For a photographer, surely now is the perfect time. Many homestays and hotels are still doing the service to the visitors. Therefore, what are you waiting for, contact javaecotravel.com for the best service to visit the Erupting Bromo!

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